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Submitting your work to the Belief Awards is a huge responsibility and also an amazing opportunity to promote your work worldwide. For that reason is truly important to read the rules BEFORE submitting your entries.

Belief Awards 11th edition rules

– Entries must come from a wedding that occurred within the last 24 months from date entry deadline in order to be eligible.

– Entries must be uploaded using the Belief Wedding Planners website by 11:59 p.m. (London Time) on 30th April 2019. Submissions via mail or email will not be accepted. All submissions must be written in English.

– The competition is open to members of Belief Wedding Planners (BWP) only. If you like to join the network/platform and participate on the Belief Awards, just go here: www.beliefweddingplanners.com/join

– Each submission must include:

  • client’s names

  • photographer credit (with website link)

– Every participant shall be solely responsible for any and all content on their submission. By entering, the Wedding Planner acknowledges that employer, client and/or subject have copyright release or model release giving permission for the image to be published or exhibited in connection with these awards.

– INELIGIBLE SUBMISSIONS: submissions displaying photo credit, signature, logos or any other identifying symbol will be disqualified. Judging is all done anonymously.

– Only real weddings. Photoshoot or editorial will not be accepted. Planners must have been responsible for all aspects of planning the wedding.

–  We cannot change/delete entries that were already submitted as the system won’t allow us to do that. This was designed to avoid fraud and to make the contest fair for all members. In case you upload photos by mistake, have any kind of problem with the photographer or the couple, we will mark your entries as “disqualified”. If you decide to submit more photos, you can buy extra entries.

– By submitting an entry for consideration for Belief Awards, entrants authorize International Wedding Planners Inc. and its affiliate sites to publish any portion of the entry. The entrant still retains ownership of the work but grants BWP and its affiliate sites, a license to reproduce the photographs. By entering this competition, the entrant waives the right to make any claims against the judges of the competition, the organizers, or any group, which endorses the competition or assists in its conduct. The entrant understands that the decision of the judges is final and the images from winning entries can be shown on BWP site and affiliate sites without payment or compensation and without restriction as to date, location or manner of use, provided such relates to this event in any way. Belief Awards may not be transferred to another individual or company. Only the wedding planner that is an active member of BWP will be promoted as the winner. In case there is more than one person per company that wants to be credited as the winner (and part of the press service), they need to become active members first. BWP reserves the right to modify or cancel this competition in the event of technical corruption, virus, bugs, non-authorized human intervention or any other technical problems.


Judging Criteria and Considerations:

  • originality, arrangement, theme and overall presentation.
100HonorableThe highest level of creativity. Unique.
90 – 99OutstandingMarked by superiority or distinction.
80 – 89ExcellentRemarkable good quality.
70 – 79GoodGood professional skills.
60 – 69AverageStandard professional skills.
0 – 59Below AverageRequires improvements.
  • Categories and category-specific rules:

Categories of Belief Awards
– Each entry for the Wedding Concept Category requires the upload of 5 (five) photos of the same wedding. It’s important to keep in mind that in this category, judges want to understand the whole wedding. The suggestion is to send photos of different moments of the wedding, for example decor, couple, and details of the event. (5 images per entry)

Destination Wedding Category – Tying the knot is a great idea and increasingly option for couples. We want to see amazing views, beautiful ideas and details from all over the world in this category. (3 images per entry)

Cultural Wedding Category – Many couples wish to marry in their traditions with wedding elements from their culture, and family. It’s your turn, as a wedding planner, to inspire others with beautiful images full of history and a singular meaning! (3 images per entry)

– The Special Photo Category is the perfect time to WOW the judges with your creativity and ideas registered in a single moment. (1 image per entry)

Black+White Category – Light and Love. Full of emotion, this category offers wedding planners and photographers the opportunity to express their talent and creativity in their own terms. (1 image per entry)



– the images must be submitted via Belief Dashboard

– 3 FREE entries per category

– 3 EXTRA entries for each category (paid and optional) Total of 15 extra entries – $5 each

– last day to submit – April 30th 2019, 11:59 p.m. (London Time)

The winners will receive a digital stamp with the Belief WP Awards logo, and be featured on BWP social media channels and blog.


We offer an extra press service to members that want to reach more people and also get the chance to be featured in different media outlets worldwide. This is a paid extra service, which costs $100 per wedding that has won. If the wedding planner has won in 2 different categories with different weddings, he/she shall pay for 2 weddings (or choose one to be promoted and pay for it). With that, the member will be part of the special marketing strategy to spread the news. Valuable media exposure for innovative, services and experts. The decision and payment to be part of this extra service, must be done BEFORE the results are announced as the press release will be sent at the same day for the official media partners of Belief and there is no possibility to be included after the announcement.


Wedding Concept:

Category DescriptionCategory Evaluation Factors
Awards for creating a great wedding experience (theme, venue, decor, etc).
  • Planning
  • Innovation and exclusive design
  • Details
  • Unique guests experience
  • Emotion

In this category, you must have to upload five photos of the same wedding.
You can choose between:

  • Shots of empty venue/church – altar, flowers, interior & exterior details
  • The reception space set up – before the room fills up
  • Details and room decor shots – table settings, place cards, favors, candy buffet, centerpieces etc.
  • Bridal party
  • First look
  • Ceremony
  • The first dance
  • Portraits of the couple alone
  • Portraits of Bride on her own
  • Portraits of Groom on his own
  • Party
  • Special moment

* Remember that you have 5 photos to tell the judges this wedding history and how it was.


Special Photo Category:

Category DescriptionCategory Evaluation Factors
Awards for a unique moment, detail or design.
  • design
  • innovation
  • concept/idea
  • special moment
  • creativity

Entry Specifications:


– Use images taken by the official photographer of the wedding. Good photos will help you to present your work with quality and increase your chances to be a winner. Don’t send your entry with cell phones photos or images in bad quality, this will not be fair with your own work and you’ll be downgraded from the contest.

– Don’t submit your photos with logos or any kind of picture collage, otherwise, your project will be downgraded. This rule is meant to keep all the participants unidentified, which makes the judgment process more neutral and impartial. When the winning projects are announced, all the credits for the photographers will be given.

– Images must be: 72 dpi / size no more than 5Mb / long edge should have at least 1000px and no more than 1500px


Awards Specification

The winners will receive a digital stamp with the Belief WP Awards logo.

  • When your image is uploaded you will automatically see a green pop up confirming your entry. If an image is submitted and correctly entered, the image will be accepted.
  • The submissions selected for award recognition will appear online at www.beliefweddingplanners.com/awards and/or the websites of Belief’s affiliated partners or sponsor websites. If you submit a photograph taken or owned by someone other than yourself, you must have obtained permission from the photographer and be willing to supply proof of usage rights to the attention of the Belief Awards, upon request.
  • Applicant understands and agrees that merely by applying for these Awards does not entitle the Applicant to a prize or to any other form of consideration.
  • Belief Awards has the right to disqualify any entry if it does not meet our basic requirements.
  • Rules may be changed or modified without notice.


Awards Timeline

Entry Deadline: 30th April 2019

Awards Results Announcement – 7th May 2019


Good luck!

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